Monday, June 02, 2008

School's Out!

Last Friday was the kids last day of school. Did you here the roar of freedom as the last bell sounded?

It conjured up memories of summers past when my brother, sister and I were finally out of school. We, or at least I, spent a lot of time planning adventures of various sorts - tree forts to build, treasures to seek, games to play and worlds to invent.... The planning and inventing was almost the best part for me (along with all the books to read).

Now, I watch as my kids begin to make their own plans for summer adventure. They've taken over the storage closet under our stairs and are planning to turn it into a haunted club house (I'm not sure where the Christmas decorations are going to go in the mean time). My daughter and one of her friends have decided to stage a play. They want to go camping and bike riding (I better get myself a bike). And we're reading the Chronicles of Narnia together as a family.

LOL! I still love summer vacation!

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