Monday, January 14, 2008

Dog Tired

Today was a Watch DOGS day for me again. I'm used to it at this point in the school year, but still feeling pretty wiped out by the end of the day. Here's a brief look at my day:

7:30am - Arrive at school; sign-in (they use a system for visitors and volunteers that scans their drivers licenses and apparently runs them through a criminal database); take kids to their classrooms to drop off their coats and backpacks.

7:45am - Appear on school news program with my kids; introduce myself as the day's Watch DOG. I don't know how many elementary schools do this, but ours starts the day off with a student run and hosted television news show. They have an actual studio set up in the back corner of the library, complete with multiple cameras, teleprompters, green screen, etc. It's "broadcast" to every classroom in the school.

8:00am - 5th Grade; Social Studies. The class was studying the text of the US Declaration of Independence. Yeah! Not math! (I seem to wind up in a lot of math classes when I volunteer with the 5th graders).

9:00am - Kindergarten; reading/centers. The teacher read a story to the kids and then broke the class up into small group "centers" focused on various reading/writing skills.

9:50am - PPCD; Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. Playtime! Yeah! Preschoolers are great; dinosaurs, blocks, puppet shows and dress-up... oh my!

10:40am - 2nd Grade; recess! Enough said.

11:05am - Kindergarten; lunch! Everyone ate lunch in their classrooms today since the cafeteria was filled with science fair projects.

12:00pm - Science Fair! I got to judge some of the kids' science fair projects. Cool stuff!

12:50pm - Perimeter walk. Basically I just walked around the outside of the school; kept an eye out for anything out-of-place or unsafe.

1:00pm - 2nd Grade; science. They were finishing up a unit on our solar system. More cool stuff!

1:45pm - Kindergarten; science (I think). We made "rocks" using a recipe of flour, sand, salt, water, food coloring and glitter. Very fun, but very, very messy.

2:30pm - Car-rider pick-up. Kept an eye on things outside as parents pulled up to pick up their kids; helped match kids up to their rides.

3:00pm - Sign out and head home!

Being a Watch DOGS dad is a blast and the kids are great, but man, I'm ready to hit the sack and it's only 7:30pm!

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