Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do You Do Windows?

As you walk down the hallway, from the direction of the front door, you pass the dining and living rooms on either side and eventually find yourself entering the family room. That's the view in this pic from last month. This large room is open to the second floor and has lots of windows on two walls to let in light and provide a nice view of the back yard and the preserve beyond that. The kitchen is off to the right.

This is roughly the same view as of last week. As in the kitchen pics, you can see that the drywall and painting are done. They've also finished the tile in this area. We decided to have most of the first floor tiled rather than carpeted. At some point we may replace the tile with hardwood floors, but for now it'll make cleanups easier than wall-to-wall carpeting (we do have two young kids). Of course that top set of windows is going to be a challenge. Hmmm.... Think I might need a new ladder!

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