Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Got Spam?

The sheer size of the thing makes it hard to ignore... 409 messages in my junk email folder so far this week (gotta love spam filters). Usually I just empty the darn thing and send all those ads for erectile dysfunction medications and the latest stock tips to the recycle bin, but sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me and I'll skim through them to see what's there.

Here is a portion of the text from one I actually read this afternoon:
transfinite ! fizzle see balsam may tissue a mop or cloudy on eutectic but excisable not beggar ! basalt be dirac it's capricious in bien but dragnet be antietam ! anent try lattice the luxurious a deign it expedite may animism try ellwood in gigawatt try contradistinct it's cavalier on inquest may zoo the baleen ! middlemen see debra but oaken may propagate !
Huh? What the heck does all that mean? What's with all the gibberish? Is it just random text placed in the message in the hope that the spam filters will avoid it? Is it a secret code of some sort? Had the sender been hitting the bong a bit too much?

There was a link included as well (which I have no intention of clicking) so perhaps it's simply a ploy to drive traffic to that site, or maybe a scheme to harvest valid email addresses by analyzing the clickbacks. Enquiring minds want to know!

Alright, I've wasted enough time on that. Delete! So, what's in your inbox?

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