Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do You Have Plans for Sunrise?

March 29, 1997 - one of the most wonderful days of my life! 9 years ago, yesterday, I went on my first date with the wonderful woman who would become my wife!

We took in an early ballet (A Midsummer Night's Dream) which left us plenty of time to stroll around the tidal basin downtown and enjoy the cherry blossoms as the sun set. That was followed by dinner at a small Italian place near Dupont Circle. That should have been the end of it, but we were having such a good time we decided to add a movie (Shine) to our itinerary.

Then about midnight, I reluctantly took her home. I desperately wanted to see her again and had in mind what I thought would be a romantic second date. So, as I dropped her off I asked, "Do you have plans for sunrise?" I think she thought I was trying to invite myself in for the night.

Of course, I meant the question quite literally. I wanted to come back and pick her up at about 4:00am so we could go to a special place I knew to watch the sunrise. I took it as a good sign when she said yes (a girl's gotta be pretty into you if she's willing to get up at 4:00am on a Sunday).

A few hours later, I rang her doorbell and we were off on a long drive to Cowans Gap State Park in southern Pennsylvania (which gave us lots of time to talk). I had gone backpacking and camping there and in the surrounding forest many times and knew a dirt fire road that wound its way up to the top of a ridge with a breathtaking view at sunrise. We had our first kiss on top of that mountain.

That weekend was just about perfect as first (and second?) dates go and I knew I was falling in love. A little over a year and a half later we were married.


Happy first-date-iversary, my love!

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