Monday, February 20, 2006

Who You Calling A Girlie-Man?

I was bloghopping a few days ago and came across a link to this post by Debbie Schlussel (via My Anonymous Thoughts) who apparently thinks Mattel's new Ken doll isn't man enough for Barbie because he "learned to cook... while she pursues her career (Mr. Mom, anyone?)...."

What's up with the snarky "Mr. Mom" comment? Is Schlussel saying that because we choose to make our families, our kids a top priority, that we devote our workweek to teaching children right from wrong, expanding their knowledge of the world, leading them through life... that that makes us stay-at-home dads girlie-men?

She should drop by our playgroup someday. The testosterone is fairly oozing out of the place! We've got firefighters, a paramedic, a former FBI agent, several military veterans, etc.... Manly men! And we're all at-home dads. OK, there is one guy who watches Oprah, but the rest of us? Manly men, I tell you!


Maybe Schlussel should get out of her little blog pundit shell and get a real job, like us at-home parents!

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