Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Funny Shoes and Sore Legs

The kids had no school yesterday (it was a "teachers' professional day") and my wife had the day off (because she worked all weekend), so we decided it was a good time for a family adventure. Hiking? Biking? Museum trip? No, no. We went bowling!

I have never been a big bowler and I was skeptical the kids would be up for it (they seemed a bit young to me), but we went once a month or two ago and they just loved it. So, with the kids clutching the cash Los Abuelos left them for just this purpose (having your "own" money is very cool when you're 4 or 5... actually it's cool when you're 36 too, though it doesn't have quite the same novelty) we trekked up the road a few miles to our local Bowl America.

What a blast! The bowling alley is quite kid-friendly. They have lighter-weight balls, set up bumpers to prevent gutter balls in the kids' lanes and have ramps that the little ones can use to roll their balls down the lane. Nice!

As a testament to our 5-year old daughter's prowess (err... or maybe her parents' lack thereof), she really gave us a run for our money. Our scores were neck-and-neck for most of the game, though I finally eked out a slim victory with my final frame. Of course we celebrated every pin that was knocked down and didn't really pay much attention to the scoring. We went on to bowl another two games until the kids started getting tired, and hungry.

They're ready to go back again today, but the stiffness and sore muscles in my legs beg to wait a while longer. I must be getting old.

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