Thursday, October 06, 2005

In My Wife's Dreams

My wife had a dream about me a few nights ago. I was all ears when she started to tell me about it. Oooh, yeah! Maybe something erotic, I thought (hey, we've been married for nearly 7 years, if she's dreaming sexy things about me that's a good thing!). No such luck. Apparently she dreamt that I redecorated our house while she slept one night. Not exactly what I would've chosen to do in her dreams, but hey, at least she's dreaming about me.

When she woke up (in the dream) she discovered that I had repainted all the walls, hung up some paintings, put a new rug down, bought all new furniture and such. She was impressed (I would've been too - that's an awful lot to get done in one night), but the funny part was that she really liked it. See, in real life, she's not such a big fan of my decorating style. When we got married I only had one picture hanging on the wall; the above wet, ticked-off looking cat. And yes, it is on black velvet. She wanted me to throw it in the garbage. I thought it would look good over our bed. We compromised - it's in the garage next to my yard tools.

I asked if the dream had changed her mind. Would she let me be responsible for some of the decorating now? In a word, no.

She didn't even think about it.

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