Saturday, February 12, 2005


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Congratulations to Howard Dean and all his supporters! The doctor and 5-term Vermont governor, who framed much of the debate in the Democratic presidential primaries last year and energized the grassroots like never before, was elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee a few hours ago. Via Blog for America:
Amid joyous cheers, Governor Dean was nominated for Chair of the Democratic National Committee by Denver Mayor Wellington Webb.... The nomination was brought to a vote by acclamation. The "ayes" thundered through the ballroom, there was not a nay to be heard. Governor Dean was named the new Chair of the Democratic National Committee to a standing ovation and cheers of "Howard Dean!"
I consider myself a political moderate. Alright, maybe a radical moderate (if I can steal part of Jammer's tag). I have disagreements with both the Republican and Democratic parties, but as the field began to take shape for the 2004 election, I found a single candidate who seemed to speak his mind, who listened, who thoughtfully addressed the issues and inspired me. Sure, I did not agree with him on every issue, but I felt he was the best suited for the office of President. That candidate was Howard Dean.

I was an early and energetic supporter of Dean. I wrote countless letters to undecided voters, helped organize local campaign events, hosted Meetups, raised thousands of dollars for the campaign and spent nearly a week in frigid New Hampshire working to elect Howard Dean (that's me on the far right in the above picture, taken in New Hampshire a few days before the primary). Unfortunately, his election was not to be.

However, today... today I take some measure of satisfaction, and a great deal of encouragement, in his selection as Democratic Party Chair. You gotta believe!

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