Monday, December 27, 2004

Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

(click on pic for larger image)

Thumper called me a few days ago to ask if we had snow here in Maryland. Much to my disappointment, I could reply that I had only seen a few lonesome flakes so far this winter. She then proceeded to gloat (at least I think it was gloating) that the forecast was for upwards of 16 inches in her neck of the woods.

I was jealous. I like snow. I like snow a lot, and I like a lot of snow a lot more.

But, all was not lost. I could get my snow fix vicariously... through her webcam! We spent way too much time IMing and watching the excitement of the "Thumper-Snow Cam" (hey look... here comes the snow plow... a neighbor wading through the drifts to walk his dog... the snow plow again... here's Thumper going outside to wave to me in the snow....). My wife er... other family members found watching a snowstorm via webcam a bit tedious and said I was "so weird" (again). And a geek (again). But hey, I'm not the one who set up the snow cam.

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