Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Well-Dressed Cabal

Early yesterday afternoon, as our playgroup was coming to a close and we were saying goodbye to our friends, I saw several very well-dressed women walking along the sidewalk. Really, I wouldn't have even noticed except that a minute later a couple more appeared. And then I noticed the Mercedes (plural). And a couple Lexus, a Lincoln or two, Audis, BMWs.... The street was lined with luxury cars!

Now, we live in a comfortable middle-class neighborhood, but your more likely to see minivans than a fleet of high-end automobiles parked along the curb. And aside from a few folks dressed in business attire making there way to the bus stop each morning, the sidewalks tend to be used primarily by backpack-lugging school children or families out for a casual neighborhood stroll - especially just after noon on a weekday.

Something was afoot!* Or maybe amiss! Certainly something unusual was going on down the street. While I stood there in the doorway wondering about it all, a half dozen more impeccably dressed women, and one man, appeared. Their destination appeared to be the house at the end of our street, home of a nice retired couple who always clear the snow from our sidewalk with their snowblower in winter. Hmmmm....

I glanced at the sky and didn't see any owls, but still the whole thing kind of reminded me of all the weird happenings outside the Dursley's on Privet Drive at the beginning of the first Harry Potter book. Very strange!

I spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with possible explanations:

Maybe a funeral reception? No, probably not since many of the women were wearing outfits I would not have thought appropriate for a funeral.

How about a book club discussing Donald Trump's latest? Umm, no. None of them were carrying books.

Perhaps an Al Qaeda sleeper cell? Could be, with great disguises. The FBI would never think to look for a bunch of suburban, Saks-shopping women driving $50,000 cars!

Maybe a secret society of powerful women, with links to Skull and Bones, intent on world domination? Or at least control of the school board?

Hmmm.... What do you think was happening? Any thoughts?
*I like saying "afoot" - reminds me of Sherlock Holmes... "the game is afoot, Watson!"

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