Thursday, July 29, 2004

SAHDs, the New Soccer Moms?

Rebel Dad takes note of an interesting section of Teresa Heinz Kerry's speech at the Democratic Convention last night.  To quote Heinz Kerry:
...we must, and we should, recognize the immense value of the caregivers in our country-those women and men [Daily Yak's emphasis] who nurture and care for children, for elderly parents, for family members in need.  These are the people who build and support our most valuable assets-our families.  Isn't it time we began working to give parents more opportunity to be with their children, and to afford to have a family life?

It seems like the number of stay-at-home dads has been increasing the last several years, although it's been difficult to find hard data to that effect (though anecdotally, I have had 5 new dads join my playgroup in the last 2 weeks) .  Is it possible that we're reaching a critical mass that will make the political parties take notice of us?  We've had "soccer moms" and "NASCAR dads."  Are SAHDs the next group of swing voters to be targeted?

Sadly, probably not.  But still, I was impressed that Heinz Kerry chose to be so inclusive.  The more often men are held up as capable child caregivers, the more families may notice that their choices are not limited to (1) daycare or (2) mom giving up her career.  There's another option:  dad can stay home with the kids!!!

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