Saturday, July 24, 2004

Annual Stay-at-Home Dad Picnic

Well the Yak clan just returned from the 5th Annual DC Metro Dads Family Picnic.  Our local stay-at-home dad group has many activities throughout the year (playgroups, museum and zoo trips, concerts, etc) but most are geared towards the dads and kids.  Not that the moms aren't welcome, of course, but, you know, they're usually busy slaving away at the office (thanks, hon!).  Our annual picnic is an opportunity for all of us to get together for some good food and fun.

The kids had a blast with the pinata, sandbox, and moon bounce (and just plain running around).  And us grownups had a relaxing afternoon talking, eating (way too much) food and just watching the kids (better than TV!).

A big thank you to Dennis for hosting us all, Big Mike for manning the grill, and all the other families for bringing that delicious food!

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