Thursday, June 17, 2004

Weights and Measures, Part II

Well, we're back from the doctor's office where my son had his annual checkup.

I find it interesting that most infants seem to be fine with just about anybody holding them (doctors, nurses, babysitters, etc), but as they get older they become more attached to their parents, or seem to develop an uneasiness with strangers getting too close. Needless to say, at 2.5 years, my son has a well defined set of standards as to who is allowed to hold, poke, prod and generally invade his personal space. And that pretty much boils down to just Mommy and Daddy. That being said, he was quite wary of the nurse when she entered the examining room this morning. When the weighing and measuring ensued he loudly protested while clinging on to me for dear life.

It was a short visit, with no vaccines needed this time, so as soon as it became apparent to him that we were going to leave, he calmed down and became his normal, cheery self.

He seems to be doing just fine, healthwise, which is not unexpected since we've had a relatively illness-free 9 months or so since his last visit to the pediatrician. He continues to be near the top of his class, so to speak, as far as height and weight go. He now tops the scale at 41 lbs, 4 oz (I assume our scale at home is a bit off, since I doubt he's gained a full pound in the last 2 weeks), and stands tall at just under 38 inches. He's now more than half my height!

I know I've said it before, but, wow! They grow so fast! I remember being able to hold him comfortably in one arm as I rocked him to sleep, and now when he stretches out on my lap I have to use both arms, and his legs are dangling over the side of the chair. One thing that hasn't changed, is that he still loves the little plastic dinosaurs the doctor hands out after each visit. I wonder, how long will it be before he outgrows that?

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