Friday, May 28, 2004

Mommy's Home

Well, my wife returned home Sunday night, after a five-day business trip to Minneapolis, and the kids and I went to meet her flight at the airport. They were pretty tired (up past their bedtime and my plan for extra long naps hadn't panned out), but in the end the excitement of the airport and watching for Mommy seemed enough to overcome their fatigue. There were very few people at the airport (Sunday night must not be a popular travel time) and the kids had a great time running up and down the long, windowed corridors and watching all the planes.

We met my wife at the baggage claim area (security doesn't allow non-passengers up to the gates now). The kids were even more excited once they saw Mommy, and then on top of that they really enjoyed watching all the suitcases and bags go by on the conveyer belt and trying to pick out which one belonged to us (we just had to be careful they didn't try to hop on the thing and go for a ride themselves, which you know they were dying to do).

So, the family's back together again and we're looking forward to the three-day weekend. And I haven't seen Letterman all week (I'm telling you the insomnia thing only happens to me when my wife is gone; now that she's back I'm asleep practically before my head hits the pillow).

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