Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Got Bump Ice?

I'm sure, you're all familiar with the time-honored tradition of parents kissing boo-boos. You know how it goes: child falls and hits elbow on the floor, comes sobbing to Daddy, Daddy kisses said elbow, child feels better.

Well, that works fine for my son most of the time. But occasionally, a kiss is just not enough. Those cases call for Bump Ice!

What is Bump Ice? Basically it's an old teether that the kids never really liked. This particular teether has a white plastic handle with a blue, triangular teething ring that's filled with liquid. It's designed to be frozen, which I guess feels good on those sore gums. Somehow (I don't really remember the exact incident that started the whole thing) we started using it on my sons bumps and bruises and dubbed it Bump Ice.

Now, when Daddy's kisses don't fit the bill, DD2 DS2 yells for Bump Ice between sobs. I open the freezer and pick him up so he can grab it, he takes it out and touches it ever so briefly to the injured area and all is better with the world. Works instantly, just a second or two will do the trick. Every time.

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