Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hicthing A Ride with the School Board

I spent last weekend attending the Texas PTA Summer Leadership Conference at the Austin Convention Center. Nearly 4000 people attended, participating in hundreds of workshops on topics ranging from nutrition to PTA tax filings.

I focused on a program presented by Strong Fathers for increasing dads' participation in schools. Some good stuff!

Saturday evening I ended up getting a ride back to Round Rock with Chad Chadwell, the newly-appointed member of the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees. We had a pleasant talk during the 40-minute ride, discussing how and why he became involved in the school system's bond study committee and was eventually selected to serve out former trustee Diana Maldonado's term on the school board.

With two kids in elementary school, I look forward to meeting with him again, and the other school board members, as I get more involved in the local political scene.

Oh, and thanks again for the ride, Mr. Chadwell!

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