Friday, October 26, 2007

Was That a Tornado That Just Hit My House?

Speed. I am speed. Ka-chow!

I think my little guy wakes up thinking those words. He's full of energy, and a Cars fanatic, so it fits. And, actually, he's not so little anymore. He's six years old today!

Happy birthday big guy!!!

We're not much for the huge, overblown parties some parents throw for their kids. No Chuck E Cheese. No moonbounce. Usually it's just our family, and maybe a few neighbors or friends, over for cake and ice cream. This time was a bit different. Since he's in school now, we figured, just to be fair and not hurt any feelings, that we should invite his whole class over for the festivities.

Yep, that's 23 kindergartners running around the house. Plus many of their parents (hmm.... we may have to rethink that plan for next year). On the upside though, they all seemed to have a blast, especially the birthday boy. And my wife's cake decorating skills (that's her Lightening McQueen cake above) won a lot of props from the kids. Yeah! More sugar!!!

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