Tuesday, March 06, 2007

WMD Help for SAHDs

Ron Simandl, a scientist at the federal government's nuclear weapons lab in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, has developed what may be the world's best cleaning rag. He created a treatment that when applied to cloth, allows even microscopic bits of metal, plastic, and other materials to be picked up without leaving a residue. He intended it to be used to clean up minute amounts of radioactive beryllium at the lab, but has also tested it on his car's alloy wheels to great effect.

Hmmm... I could use something like that around the house. Kind of like a super-duper Swiffer! I expect it wont be long before the "Negligible-Residue Non-tacky Tack Cloth" makes its way to the cleaning supplies aisle of your local store. Who says weapons of mass destruction don't benefit us stay-at-home dads?

Hat Tip: MSNBC
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