Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wasn't That Thoughtful!

My wife has a meeting this weekend, so she's stuck at work. :-/ She was picking my brain the other day, trying to figure out what she should give as a gift to someone at the meeting.

You see, the handful of people at this meeting have all travelled here from out-of-state, and they decided, as a group, that they would do a gift exchange today. The gifts are supposed to somehow represent the city or state you call home.

Alright, I thought, something having to do with Maryland... maybe politics too (given our proximity to the nation's capital)... and maybe tie in the Irish as well (since it happens to be St. Patrick's Day)....

Well, I can think of only one thing that meets all three of those criteria!

Celtic Fury!!! LOL!!! For those of you who are not familiar, Celtic Fury is one of the albums recorded by O'Malley's March, an Irish/Celtic rock band from Maryland. The band's front man and leader is Martin O'Malley, who also just happens to be the Governor of Maryland! The band isn't just an ego thing either, they're actually pretty good; I've seen them perform a couple of times.

A perfect fit! Unfortunately, the governor doesn't seem to have a distribution deal with the local Barnes and Noble, so I couldn't pick up a copy in time for my wife's meeting. Instead, she had to settle for a Terps shirt (which, of course, does fit in nicely with March Madness).

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