Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ups and Downs

Well, my apologies for the prolonged absence. What? You didn't even notice that I was gone? Hmph!


Alright, let's see.... There have been a number of ups and downs here in the household since my last post:

Up: We had ourselves another decent snowstorm -5 or 6 inches of nice, packable snow that was just right for snowballs and snowmen! The storm was quickly followed by warmer temperatures which succeeded in melting almost all of the snow that had been covering at least a portion of our yard for most of February (though the ruins of our snow fort/cave are still hanging on in the shade).

Down: Everyone in the family was hit by some type of respiratory/sinus infection. Everybody seemed to shake it in a day or two, except me. I was miserable for nearly a week.

Up and Down: I sold almost everything I posted on eBay this last go around, but then got sick and haven't posted anything since.

Down and Up: My brother and his family left Texas for the Pacific Northwest. We knew they were going to move at some point (such is life in the military), but had really hoped that we would be in Texas before they had to leave. My brother and I haven't seen much of each other since the late 80s (other than occasional vacations or family get togethers of some sort). On the plus-side of my brother's move, we now have an excuse to visit the west coast!

Up: We saw a real flurry of activity with regard to the selling of our home, with a number of agents bringing clients through. We were pleasantly surprised to have two families come back for second, and in once case, third looks!

Down: All the people coming to see the house meant a lot of work keeping the house clean, neat and tidy (not fun to begin with, but even worse when you're sick and still have to scrub the floors).

All-in-all, not a bad couple weeks, though a bit of a roller coaster. So, what have you been up to?

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