Monday, March 05, 2007

Those Shouts of Joy... just heard were my wife and I celebrating the sale of our home! Finally!

Well, almost.

It's been over 9 months since we first put our home on the market here in Maryland, and we've been getting increasingly anxious as the construction of our new home in Texas has been progressing all too rapidly! Now, over the space of about 36 hours, we actually received offers from two interested buyers! We considered both, made a decision and have signed a contract to sell our home! The home inspector hired by the buyers has already done his walk through and we have come to an agreement with the buyers to address the few items that required attention.

Of course, our joy is tempered slightly as our agents continue to remind us that it's never a done deal until you're at the settlement table. And, truthfully, we do still have to pass radon and termite inspections, the house need to be appraised, the buyers need to finish securing their loan, etc. Still... we've sold our house!

The timing really couldn't be more perfect. Closing is scheduled for next month and a few days later my wife is flying out of town for a week-long business trip. Following her trip, she will have some time off of work (long enough for us to make the trip to Texas) and within a couple weeks our new house should be ready for us!

We're all excited! The kids are making lists of what they plan to pack for the trip. My wife has started going through closets and drawers and organizing things for packing. I'm getting the house itself in order for the new owners (a few minor repairs, cleaning, etc) and researching moving options. I am also preparing to post the remaining items (and there are a lot of them - probably 100+) that I had previously mentioned I was going to sell in an online garage sale.

And of course, I plan to blog all about the packing and moving process! 'Cause, I just know you want to read all about it!


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