Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Story Called Christmas

My daughter has been writing a weekly journal for her first grade class. It is intended to be an "experience" journal, but lately she has preferred to make up her own stories (our lives are that boring?). Our son, who is in preschool and still learning to read and write, is desperate to emulate his big sister. He enjoys watching me blog (especially when I post things like the pics he took - here and here), so I told him that if he wrote a little story he could guest blog here on the Daily Yak.

Here's what he has so far (typed by him too):
Santa came over to our house to drop off some presents.

[to be continued....]
It's not much, yet, but hey, I think it's the first complete sentence he's ever written (though his sister did help him with the spelling). I don't know exactly when the next installment will be ready (this sentence took a good portion of the afternoon), but stay tuned!

I'm a proud papa - my son's first blog post! LOL!

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