Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not Merely a Conceited Jerk

I picked my wife up at the Metro station this evening and she handed me a page from the Express and pointed to a short blurb under the heading of Hypochondriac: What You Could Have but Probably Don't (apparently a regular feature in the "Fit" section):
Do you have totally awesome abilities? Is everyone around you just so pathetically inferior? Do you not understand why some people don't praise you constantly and give you special treatment? You could have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and, if you do, everyone probably hates you. NPD does not mean you're merely a conceited jerk - that's just a narcissistic personality. You have a serious problem that prevents you from functioning in the world. The disorder is difficult to treat, and you may never be able to acknowledge you have it. The best-case scenario is that therapy can help you eventually view yourself in a more realistic way.
ROFL! Sorry, it's a serious condition no doubt. I wonder if bloggers are disproportionally affected?

Hat Tip: my wife (thanks, love!)
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