Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fear the Turtle!

So, picked up my 1st grade daughter from school this afternoon:
Me: "Hey, bug! How was school today?"

Her: "Fine. We did something really special in reading class today."

Me: "What was that?"

Her: "Well, [my teacher], got a TV and guess what we watched?"

Me: "A Dr. Seuss show?"

Her: "No, Dad! That was just for Dr. Seuss' birthday!"

Me: "So, what did you do?"

Her: "We watched a basketball game! And my favorite team was playing!"

Me: "Huh?!?"

Her: "The Terps, Dad! You know, they're from Maryland! And you know what... they won!"

Me: "Really? Wow!"

Me [thinking to myself]: "Hmmm.... Me thinks the teacher just didn't want to miss the NCAA tournament. I wonder if she at least tried to tie it in to a reading assignment somehow?"
Well, at least the Terps won. :-)

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