Thursday, February 15, 2007

Table for Four, Please!

Yesterday afternoon the kids surprised us with a special Valentine's Day snack. They planned the whole thing themselves (my wife was upstairs on a conference call and I was outside shovelling snow).

First they washed my wife's special heart-shaped plates (perfect for Valentines, but they were in a pile of dirty dishes) and set the table with forks and cups. They peeled a banana and sliced a few pieces for each plate. Next they opened a single granola bar and put equal portions on each plate. They got out their favorite juice (white cranberry) and poured some in everyone's cup. Then, knowing a sophisticated table needs a centerpiece, they took some little baby's breath flowers from a vase in another room, added a little water to a small bowl and artfully placed it in the middle of the table (it's kind of hidden by the Starbucks mug in the pic). Finally they got out some construction paper and crayons and made cards for both my wife and I, which they "hid" under our chairs.

They were so excited when they finally finished their preparations and came to get us! And so very cute, bouncing all around with huge smiles on their faces and laughing with delight at our surprised reaction. Afterwards they dutifully cleared the table and announced that they would do the dishes. Nice!

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