Friday, June 02, 2006

Such a Nice Way to Wake Up

The windows were rattling, the bed shaking, loud voices.... This was how I woke up this morning, and no it wasn't the kids bounding into our room and pretending our bed was a trampoline. Nope. It was the sound of a half-dozen county employees and their heavy equipment digging a hole in the street in front of our house at 7:00am. Grrr!

I know 7 o'clock isn't that early, but if you're the parent of little kids like ours, you probably know about that perpetual tired feeling and, well, you try to savor each extra minute of unconscious bliss.

On the bright side, our son did bound into the room a short time later and he was quite excited with all the commotion and big tractors and all the activity taking place outside. After we dropped Mommy off at the Metro station and daughter off at school, we came back and checked out the hole in the street.

The best I can tell is that they were raising the height of the manhole cover (it's not just the manhole in front of our house; they're doing the same thing the whole length of the street). You know, if all the manhole covers are raised an inch or two above the road surface they make great obstacles for unsuspecting drivers! And then you can watch the drivers curse as their wheels slam into the steel hazards! Nice!


Now if you're interested in buying our house, don't let this temporary roadwork stop you. I'm pretty sure the real reason they're raising all the manhole covers is because the whole road is going to be resurfaced. So, really it's a selling point of sorts. No more potholes or unsightly gray, cracking pavement - a nice, new layer of asphalt will take care of all that. It'll be like the house is on a brand new street!

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