Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Have Dishpan Hands

I have to say that keeping the house ready for potential buyers to come take a look-see at a moments notice is fairly time consuming (especially when the kids aren't in school). All this cleaning, mopping and scrubbing is cutting into my blogging time!


Actually, I think I'm getting into a groove here. After dropping my wife off at the Metro station and daughter off at school, my son and I begin our morning clean-the-house routine. He wipes down the windows (anything involving a sprayer is fun stuff when you're 4) while I clean the bathrooms. Then he picks up the toys and odds and ends in the bedrooms while I make the beds. After that we're off to the kitchen where he helps me load the dishwasher. Add in a bit of vacuuming and mopping and the place is ready to go by mid-morning!

Of course, now that my wife knows I can keep the house neat, she's gonna expect it to always be like this even after we move. Doh!

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