Monday, June 05, 2006

"Have Fun Storming The Castle"

Well another Sunday, another day we had to spend out and about while our agent hosted another open house. We had planned to go to a local youth festival, but unbeknownst to us it ended on Saturday (note to self: must learn to double-check these things before we head out). Since it was a beautiful sunny day we headed off to the Adventure Playground at the South Germantown Recreational Park (which is about a 15-minute drive north from us) to let the kids run free (aka: let's see if we can tire them out so we can all go to bed early).

The very first stay-at-home dad playgroup I started 4+ years ago used to meet there. It's really a great place for the kids with several huge playscapes (including a castle and a pirate ship) for the little ones to climb/swing/jump/slide on. The only drawback is that there's not a whole lot of shade (another note to self: remember to pack sunscreen... in fact why don't you go put a bottle in the van right now).

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Anyone have suggestions for next week's Sunday afternoon getaway?

BTW, extra credit to anyone who can tell me from what movie this post's title is a quote....

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