Sunday, May 28, 2006

Online Open House: Come On In and Take a Tour

I thought I'd throw a few pics up for those of you who missed the open house. This pic is the front of the house as seen from the street. It was taken a couple weeks ago before the flowering dogwoods were in bloom.

I'll post the other pics in separate entries. The guys from the playgroup probably won't recognize the place. It's so clean and neat!


Yeah, it's much easier to clean house when you've cleared out a bunch of the clutter and the mountains of kids' toys. We've started packing things up for the move and have taken a bunch of stuff over to a storage facility we rented. We're going to try to thin stuff out as much as possible before the trip; maybe hold a big garage sale or something.

UPDATE: here are the links to the other "Online Open House" posts....

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