Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Am Tim Taylor

Power tools! Uuugh, uuugh!

Huh? Yeah, alright, I'm not nearly as handy around the house as the Toolman but I am up to my neck in home improvement projects! It turns out the stuff I mentioned previously was just the tip of the iceberg. More painting, cleaning, drywall repairs (hmm, I don't remember that hole being there), more painting, more cleaning, replacing closet doors, patching more holes, installing new vanity mirrors, more painting, more cleaning and the mother of all projects (at least in my home improvement experience thus far)... refinishing and rebuilding the kitchen cabinets. And that was just yesterday!

I would LOL, but I'm too tired.


Of course now my wife and I are wondering why we waited so long to do all this stuff. Don't procrastinate on those home repairs and projects, folks! Do it now, so you'll have time to enjoy your efforts rather than fixing things up for the next homeowner.


Oh, and we've had to push back the listing of our house by a week. Guess I'm a bit slow at this stuff but, hey, I do quality work!

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