Thursday, September 01, 2005


I took this pic a few hours ago at a gas station just up the street. Gasoline prices here in the DC area have been rising dramatically the past couple days. I've heard that some service stations have been raising prices every few hours, and a few have run out of regular gasoline all together.

I'm not complaining mind you. I am grateful that my family is alive and well and we have a home to live in, unlike the thousands and thousands of victims who are suffering in the aftermath of Katrina. I guess we finished our road trip just in time. Not just because of the gas prices, but a portion of our trek took us along I-10 from Houston through New Orleans, Mobile, Biloxi and other areas that were pretty much wiped out just a few days later. Kind of freaky.

Anyway, I'm curious.... How are gasoline prices where you live? Any shortages?

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