Thursday, September 22, 2005


OK, taking a break from the hurricane posts (what can I say, I'm kind of a news junkie) for just a minute so I can do a little happy geek dance. Why, you ask?

'Cause the Daily Yak just had it's 10,000th visitor!

Yeah, I'm no Wil Wheaton (who gets thousands of hits a day), or even a Genuine or Zero Boss (two of my favorites, who probably get hundreds). But still, finally getting to the 10,000 mark makes me smile.

{pause - while I do another happy geek dance}

So, now I kind of wonder who Mr. or Ms. 10,000 was. My Sitemeter stats show he/she was in Omaha, Nebraska (at least their server was) and clicked on a link from the At-Home Dad Newsletter to get to my site around 4:00am this morning (insomnia or maybe just an early riser?). 10,000 only stayed around for 24 seconds, but still I wish I had some swag to send him/her, like Genuine used to do.

Ah, well. Thanks to whoever you are 10,000th visitor!

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