Thursday, August 04, 2005

Starving Artist

FYI - a plug for a good friend of mine....

Jonathan Ege has one of his original oil paintings up for sale on eBay! This one is a still life he painted earlier this year, entitled "Asian Pear #2." I had the pleasure of seeing this painting several times while it was still a work in progress and have to say it was kind of cool watching it take shape.

Jon's a great guy. He's a fellow stay-at-home dad and his wife is a hardworking US Army officer. Amazingly, while taking care of their 3 kids full-time, he still finds time to pursue his art career! I don't know how he does it (I have a hard time getting anything else done, and I only have 2 kids).

Anyway, check out his artwork and bid on the painting if you get a chance! Tell him Russ sent you.

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