Monday, June 13, 2005

Stay-at-Home Knight!?!

I came across this the other day and thought it was kind of cute. It's apparently from an elementary school phonics book but I have been unable to find the actual source. Hopefully the original publisher won't mind if I reproduce it here.
Sir Dwight had many talents. Queen Fair and King Mighty felt that Sir Dwight served them very well indeed. There was just one problem. Sir Dwight would not fight.

"My heart is not in it. This knight just can't fight," said Sir Dwight.

"But knights must fight," insisted King Mighty. "That is what knights do."

"Well, that is not what this knight does," said Sir Dwight. "Must I serve you in battle? I am able to serve you in so many other ways."

"I can fix you a fest and do it up right. I'll stir up a fine beef stew and then bake you my best lemon pie," said Sir Dwight brightly.

"Sir Dwight, you are a fine cook," said Queen Fair. "But knights must go out and fight."

"I can tell you my best stories each night at bedtime. My mind is filled with wonderful tales. Some will delight you and others fill you with fright," said Sir Dwight.

"Sir Dwight, we really like the way you tell tales," said King Mighty. "But knights must go and fight."

"I can paint you pictures of beautiful sights," said Sir Dwight.

"And your paintings are beautiful," said the queen. "But really, Sir Dwight, knights must go out and fight."

"I can say the alphabet while I dance a jig. I can run like lightning each time you call. I can stitch you silk sheets that make sweet dreams each night," said Sir Dwight.

The knight went down on his knees. "I will try to grow wings and then take flight. But please, please, PLEASE don't make me fight," cried Sir Dwight.

Then King Mighty spoke, "All right Sir Dwight. It is not right to make you fight if you can't. Tell me, can you be a stay-at-home knight and serve us with your fine talents?"

Sir Dwight hugged King Mighty. "Yes, yes, yes! Yes I can!" he cried. And that's what he did for the rest of his life!

- "Dwight the Knight" by Becky Ward
Many thanks to Hogan, a frequent poster on the Dads-At-Home listserv, for passing this along.

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