Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Coming soon to a theater near you...

New Line Cinemas is planning to produce a film called "Stay at Home Tom." Variety bills the script as a "21st century Mr. Mom" (referring to the 1983 comedy starring Michael Keaton, of course) and it's at least partly based on writer Adam Gibgot's own experiences at home with his kids.

Look for a mixed reaction from the stay-at-home dad crowd. Some will rave that a dad is depicted in the primary caregiver role, while others will bemoan the inevitable jokes at said dad's incompetence as he learns to deal with the kids on a full-time basis. As for me, well, I can appreciate both views, but it is just a movie after all and as long as it's entertaining and well done (รก la Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care a couple years ago), this stay-at-home dad will be happy.

Props to Barry of Dads-At-Home for the heads up on all this.

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