Monday, June 13, 2005

4... 3... 2... 1... Relaunch!

Yikes! No posts in over a month, and very few the month before that! I've been getting emails from readers wondering if I had decided to abandon my blog all together. The short answer is... No! I've been reflecting on what I've written in the past and the direction I would like to go in the future, and at this point have decided to keep at it and relaunch the site, so to speak. I'll be revamping some aspects of the site as I go, including some changes to the sidebar and links to the right. So, to get started here's a bit more about me....

My name is Russ and I've been a stay-at-home dad for over 4 years. I married the love of my life 6 years ago and together, with our 2 beautiful children, we live in suburban Maryland just outside Washington, DC.

I became fascinated by weblogs in early 2004 and started my own in March of that year. My intent was simply to give our farflung family a way to keep up on the goings on of our household, and to give myself a creative outlet for expressing my thoughts. I am certainly not the best writer in the world and I didn't really think others would be interested in my ramblings but, amazingly, people continue to visit the site on a regular basis. Please feel free to let me, and other readers, know what you think.

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