Saturday, April 02, 2005

No Joke

I had planned to spend the evening over at a friend's house eating junk food and watching the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Jonathan called about an hour before showtime and said he had bad news, the heavy rain had caused his satellite receiver to go on the blink.

No satellite signal, no SciFi Channel, no Galactica. Knowing it was April Fool's Day, I was sure he was joking but figured I would play along. He said he was going to fiddle around with his receiver to see if he could get it working before the show began, and I told him I would be over at his place shortly and if it wasn't working we could just throw a DVD in and watch a movie. No sense blowing our guys night out (or "in" this time around).

So, I left for Jonathan's confident I would soon be watching Apollo and Starbuck battle Cylons for the survival of the human race. I parked in his driveway, and let myself in through the back door. I expected he would jump out and say "Gotcha!" or something, but as I headed down his basement steps I heard him on the phone with tech support and there on the TV was a large image with the words "no signal." The joke was on me; I had been had, by my own foolish suspicions.

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