Friday, February 04, 2005

Parents vs Kids: the Big Game

I could so relate to this brilliant post by Genuine. But hey, at least he scored 3 points. I think my kids have shut me out a few times. And, as a parent, you know you have to pick yourself up off the field, wipe off the blood and sweat, and head back out there because the next game starts almost immediately; there is no offseason (at least when the kids are still at home).

Of course, raising children has got to be the best game in town (well, there's also a pretty enjoyable game between spouses, but that's after the kids go to bed. ahem....). Even when the scoreboard isn't in your favor, you know they're learning and growing and, well, they're so darn cute and it's all because of you! OK, their cuteness came from their mother in my kids' case, but still, I wouldn't trade being a parent for anything even if the game is relentless.

Man, I'm looking forward to calling an extended timeout on Sunday evening; going over to a friend's house to relax, pop open a beer or two (mmm... beer!), and kick back on the couch to watch the Super Bowl.

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