Thursday, February 17, 2005

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

We went to the pediatrician's office this morning (that's the second time in 3 days) so she could confirm the obvious. The intrepid virus that has made our little girl so miserable has indeed migrated to her little brother, although at the moment he does not have the accompanying ear infections.

We've camped out for the day in the family room. The kids have taken over the sofas, laying in comfy little nests of blankets and pillows, each with their own box of tissues close at hand. I've been pushing the water and juice, offering bits of fruit and such and trying to make them comfortable. My son told me he didn't feel good, and asked me for help. "Help with what?", I asked. "Help me feel better, Daddy," he replied. I tried to get him to drink some more juice and explained that there just wasn't much Daddy could do, that sometimes when you're sick you just have to rest and wait for your body to heal. He didn't seem to buy that, so I offered to stick another Blue's Clues video in the DVD player, to which he readily agreed.

And it appears that this virus doesn't just pick on 3 and 4 year olds, it goes after daddies too. I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, sore throat and runny nose. The bug seems to have hit the kids harder, but to be honest I don't feel so good. Other considerations aside, I rather be in bed. I guess this is one of the downsides of being an at-home parent, you can't just call in sick (not that I'm complaining, I love this at-home with the kids gig and wouldn't have it any other way).

So, here we sit. Waiting to feel better.

Sorry for the whining, by the way. When I got online I had in mind to post something else but this is what I ended up with. So there you go. I think I'll go make myself some more echinacea tea.

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