Friday, February 04, 2005

Hey, pass the remote will you?

My wife and I have made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of television we watch lately. It's not that we don't enjoy TV, it's just such a timesink and on our list of priorities it ranked pretty low, so we've tried to cut out some of our couch potato time. Like Woodge, I am basically down to two shows that are enjoyable enough to have made the cut.

First, the new Battlestar Galactica rocks! As KC (aka: Cynical Mom) noted on her work blog, Galactica may be the best new sci-fi show... ever! Sure, the effects are cool, the story is interesting, but you know what? It's really the characters that do it for me. Fun, fascinating, and with a depth of development I did not expect, the players in this drama (that just happens to be set in space) are exceptional. Plus, the show has a blog. Gotta love that! The only problem? It's on SciFi and we don't have cable! Luckily, my good friend Rob does. I've kind of invited myself over to his place every Friday night since the show began (what are friends for?).

The second show on my list is the West Wing, which I admit may have jumped the shark after Aaron Sorkin left the show. Still, the characters are interesting, the dialogue usually crisp and it treats politics with some intelligence (is that an oxymoron?). I do wonder whether the show will survive the loss of President Bartlett once his term is up. Will Alan Alda or Jimmy Smits be Martin Sheen's successor in the oval office? I know who would get my wife's vote.

That's it for current TV viewing for me. Now, DVDs are another matter....

So, what do you think is worth watching?

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