Friday, February 18, 2005

Family First - Update

Half Changed World spawned a great deal of interest with her recent post on the potential weakening of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). She posted an update a few days later, that included a link to this Action Alert that will generate emails/letters to your Senators, members of Congress and other government officials in support of the FMLA.

Rebel Dad made quite a stir, generating a vigorous discussion on the subject in the comment threads of this post, and this one. He also devoted a portion of last week's Rebel Dad Radio podcast to the FMLA (you can download an mp3 of the show here).

Additionally, the post about my firsthand experience with the FMLA was picked up by a number of other weblogs:

A Family Runs Through It
Been There (with another mention here as well)
Daddy Types
Deliciously Jonesey (no permalink)
Thrifty Mom

The resulting hits gave the Daily Yak its best week ever traffic-wise, but more importantly, I hope it encouraged people to defend the FMLA and make our families a priority. Thanks for all the links everyone!

Update (2/20 11:10am) - Just discovered another link back to my FMLA post:
Lifechanges... Delayed

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