Monday, February 14, 2005

Can you feel the love tonight?

I'd like to wish a happy birthday to my uncle, Ron. He lives out in Arizona (of which I am somewhat jealous) and we haven't seen each other in years. He has no idea that I publish this weblog (at least I've never told him about it), so he'll probably never see this, but still.... Happy birthday, Ronnie! Wish you all the best!


You have undoubtedly noticed that it's Valentine's Day. So, here's the obligatory link with info about this most romantic of holidays. It's just expected that bloggers post links like this on holidays. Kind of a public service thing. Only it's usually done in a more creative manner than this (yes, yes, I freely admit my lameness).


And speaking of romance, here's an idea: Sign yourself (and your spouse or significant other) up for Kissing School! A day-long "playshop" with expert instruction on "learning to train our body and heart to resonate with the vibrations of this electrical connection, while cultivating the art of the kiss sublime...." I mentioned it to my wife this afternoon:
Me: So, want to go to a kissing school for a day?
Wife: {just stares at me}
Me: This psychotherapist teaches a day-long class on kissing. It's supposed to be pretty good... costs $275... people come from all over the world.
Wife: Hours of kissing? And you have to pay for it? I don't think so.
Me: But it's in Seattle! We could drop by and visit the Zero Boss after class.
Wife: {just stares at me}
Me: {sighs, sensing the romance is gone after 6 years of marriage}

And speaking of conversations with my wife, here is another from earlier today:
Wife: {with kind of a twinkle in her eye} So, why did you wear that today?
Me: Huh? It's just a sweatshirt. I wore it the other day but it didn't look dirty so I thought I'd keep it for another day. You know, try to keep the laundry to a minimum.
Wife: Oh.
Me: Besides, today was a blue shoe day [I have 2 pairs of trail running shoes (1 blue, 1 brown) that I wear most days; I alternate between them] and this sweatshirt matched.
Wife: Oh, I thought you were trying to bring out the color in your eyes.
Me: Nope. {pause} Oh. Yeah. {pauses again, sensing that maybe the romance is not gone after all} You noticed my eyes, huh?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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