Thursday, January 06, 2005

On the Road... Again

Brief update here....

Once I post this, I'll be adding a few entries from the past few days that I didn't have the chance to upload earlier. So, scroll down and check out what's been happening on the Daily Yak road trip.

As for today....

We left Florida for the trip home this morning, after our unplanned detour to see my wife's folks. We put in about 10 hours on the road (counting a few rest stops and potty breaks) and finally called it a day as we pulled into Kingsport, Tennessee. Our hotel room has a high speed internet connection, so now that my wife and kids are asleep I have a chance to update the blog. I really should be asleep, but I just can't pass up a "free" high speed connection (geek that I am, I still only have dialup access at home.... and miss the days of T1 access from work).

Oh, and one really annoying thing about this hotel room: there's an Arby's next door and the drivethrough speaker is so loud that as I sit here I can here them asking "would you like fries with that?"

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