Saturday, December 04, 2004

Who You Gonna Call?

Where's the Ectomobile when you need it?

A woman in Indiana is selling her late father's cane... and his ghost! Apparently her young son is quite frightened, believing that his grandfather's spirit is now haunting their home. So, in an effort to calm the boy, the women decided to place the ghost up for sale on eBay (naturally). She included the cane just to have something to ship to the winning bidder.

According to comments on the auction site, she thought she might get a bidder or two, but did not expect to get much money. Any money she did receive, she was going to use to buy her son a present. Well, word got out and the current bid (as of 10:45pm EST) is... $14,535.65!

Man, I wonder if we have ghosts hiding out in our house? I haven't been up in the attic for a while....

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