Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Would Like to Thank the Academy....

Alright, it is probably bad form to be practicing my acceptance speech. After all, the Daily Yak hasn't even been nominated... yet (hint, hint).

However, I would like to give a plug to the newly created Best of Blog (BoB) Awards. Sponsored by WiredHub.Net and Blog Mechanics, this project seeks to recognize "the best personal blogs you ought to be reading." Kind of the grassroots of the blogosphere; the smaller, personal blogs that typically get left out of the other weblog award contests. You know, nobody else is going to give an award for best Knitting/Craft Blog (no offense if you write a knitting blog, of course)!

There are 19 nomination categories, with some fantastic sites already getting the nod. The Best Daddy Blog category may be of particular interest to Daily Yak readers (yes, another shameless hint... maybe I should go for the Biggest Blog Whore Award!). FYI - nominations close December 24, so check out the 2004 BoB Awards and nominate your favorite blogs!

And a special thanks to Genuine and the Zero Boss for doing all the hard, behind the scenes work to set up something like this for the rest of us!

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