Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ginger Bread House

Our daughter's preschool has a long standing holiday tradition of inviting parents into class one December day to help the children build ginger bread houses. Ginger Bread Day was this past Friday, so with a friend (thanks DB!) watching our son, my daughter and I headed off to school with a couple bags of candy and a fresh batch of royal icing.

We stuck graham crackers together (actual ginger bread is a bit too unforgiving for 4-year olds) with our icing and ate decorated the house with candy. We followed her teacher's basic instructions for constructing the house, but I let our daughter use her burgeoning creative talents and take the lead when it came to the decorating.

I stayed for a while after she finished her house, playing with her and chatting with some of her classmates' parents. I think we both had a fun-filled afternoon, and we came home with a great project to share with mom (and little brother). It is days like that when I really appreciate being the at-home parent.

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