Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I just called my wife to see when she planned to be home from work. You know, so I could make sure dinner was on the table by the time she walked through the door. Yeah, 'cause I am that kind of guy! Well, at least I try to be.

And, of course, my son just had to say hi, so I put him on the phone. I think it's cute how he always wants to talk to Mommy on the phone.* Then I hear him say, "I'm still in my pajamas!"

Doh! I'm busted! I can see my wife, in my mind's eye. I am sure she's got that one eyebrow arched with a look on her face that is part questioning and part gotcha!

Now, it's not that he's been in his pajamas all day! Really! We hosted our weekly playgroup this morning, and it's not like I'm going to let him hang out with 14 dads and kids while he's still in his jammies!

I get back on the line and explain what actually happened. He and his sister were playing kitchen and wanted to make some vegetable soup. One toy pan, a half dozen plastic toy vegetables, a couple cups of water and voila! You wind up with two wet kids! It'll be bedtime in a couple hours, his pajamas were right here and I didn't feel like digging through the laundry for some other clothes, so... our 3-year old is back in pj's at 5:00pm. Is that so bad?

*Actually, he loves to talk on the phone with just about anybody. Even telemarketers (those that haven't been stopped by the do not call list). Really, it's a great way to deal with all those unwanted calls, I just pause and hand the phone to my boy. Want to sell me something? You gotta get through the kid first!

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