Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Inbound Links

I was just checking my referrals, and noticed some traffic coming from Woodge. Turns out the super genius has added a link to the Daily Yak. wOOt! I want to be just like Woodge when I grow up! Well, except with my wife and kids (no offense to Woodge's wife and kids). Really, Woodge is darn funny, and much more clever than I am. Plus he posts cool photos (oops... I meant this one) and is apparently related to Shrek.

In other inbound link news (yes, it's a slow news day), the Progressive Republic is a political blog that just launched a few days ago and linked to the Daily Yak. Being the political junkie that I am, it'll be interesting to see what issues Robert tackles with his site. And, truth be told, I am curious as to how he stumbled across my blog (suppose I should just ask).

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