Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Few More Thoughts on Election 2004 (Part IV)

4) Democrats and others who did not support Bush need to finish their grieving, shake it off, and move on!!! As the late, great Senator Paul Wellstone liked to say, "Don't mourn, organize!!!" Defeat is not an end, but a call to action. That's just as true now as it was during the struggles of the early labor movement.

John Scalzi of Whatever (among many other things) put it succinctly in a post on Wednesday:
Anyone still paralyzed by liberal depression at midnight, Monday November 8 will be summarily brained with a plank. There's too much to do to tolerate your whiny, ineffectual ass after that point.

You either lie down or you stand up.
So, enough with the crying about how bad the next four years may be or how you're going to move to Canada (my previous post was just for comic relief, in case you didn't realize that). If you really care about the current situation, you'll get to work and change it!

Organize! Speak out! Write, call, fax and email the President and members of the House and Senate! Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or independent, do your part to participate in the great democratic (small d) process of our country!

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